A Cowrie of Hope

by Binwell Sinyangwe


(1 month ago)
18 Jan, 2018
This book was written in a style I consider to be typical African. The way the dialogs unfold, the language, mentioning of gods or superstitions reminded me of my own childhood. The story was told at a pace just fast enough to keep me engaged until the very end. Although the names of the characters where not typical, I somehow found it easy to quickly grasp who was who. That's probably because there were not that many characters.

There were surprising turn of events that I didn't see coming, which made me want to find out as quickly as possible how the story would end. It was one of the quickest reads I have had over the last few years. All in all, I consider this a good book with my favourite kind of ending. 

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Language: EN
Country: Zambia
Created: 03 Jan 2018 00:10
Updated: 03 Jan 2018 00:10

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