Bartlett and the Ice Voyage

by Odo Hirsch

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Tags: Male author

Bartlett and the Ice Voyage

The Queen is a very busy woman who rules over seven kingdoms, some of which she has never even seen. Each kingdom is filled with its own exotic delights, and her loyal subjects constantly send her gifts from far and wide. But there is one fruit she craves--the melidrop--which, until now, has been out of her reach because it rots on the long journey from the far off country in which it grows. This is where Bartlett--the intrepid, stubborn, inventive and irreverent explorer--comes in! A rip-roaring, fantastical roller-coaster of an adventure story overflowing with wit and rollicking suspense. This is good, old-fashioned storytelling at its very best!

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Challenge: Read Around Oceania Challenge
Country: Australia flag Australia
Language: EN
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Recommended: 03 Oct 2022

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