Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things

by Dan Norris

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Create Or Hate

Most of us have always wanted to make something, but for any number of reasons haven't. We are all creative - there is a creator in you. But there is also a force called Hate, which will work against your creativity and stop you from making things. Hate can be controlled, and overpowered and your creative side can be nurtured and grown.


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(6 years ago)
02 Jan, 2018
This a great, short read that can motivate you to create more and consume less. It inspired me to start a few projects instead spending most of my time consuming other people's projects. I highly recommend it to anyone finding it hard to get started with any project they would like to work on, be it writing a book, starting a company or just being more creative. Here is my review of the book

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