Fire In The Canes

by Glenville Lovell

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Tags: Set in BARBADOS Male author

Fire in the Canes

"Caribbean stories are often filled with magic and mysticism. Glenville Lovell immerses readers in all these elements in his debut novel, "Fires in the Canes". Lovell brings to life the sleepy West Indian village of Monkey Road, 50 years after the end of slavery. Peata, a sensual and fun-loving woman, arrives with her beautiful teenage daughter, Midra, which starts a chain of events that forever changes their lives and those of the villagers . . . Lovell spins an interesting story, one that will make you think about how one incident can change the future".--"USA Today".

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Challenge: Read Around North America Challenge
Country: Barbados flag Barbados
Language: EN
Genre: Romance

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