My Annihilation

by Fuminori Nakamura

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Tags: Set in JAPAN Male author

My Annihilation

What transforms a person into a killer? Can it be something as small as a suggestion? Turn this page, and you may forfeit your entire life. With My Annihilation, Fuminori Nakamura, master of literary noir, has constructed a puzzle box of a narrative in the form of a confessional diary that implicates its reader in a heinous crime. Delving relentlessly into the darkest corners of human consciousness, My Annihilation interrogates the unspeakable thoughts all humans share that can be monstrous when brought to life, revealing with disturbing honesty the psychological motives of a killer.

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Challenge: Read Around Asia Challenge
Country: Japan flag Japan
Language: EN
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Recommended: 14 Sep 2022

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