My Tender Matador

by Pedro Lemebel

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Enter a Free Man

A funny and compassionate play about a middle-aged "inventor" who has spent his years chasing one illusion after another while first his wife and then his teenage daughter have had to work to support him.


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(8 months ago)
24 Jan, 2023
Centered around the 1986 attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet, an event that changed Chile forever, My Tender Matador is one of the most explosive, controversial, and popular novels to have been published in that country in decades. It is spring 1986 in the city of Santiago, and Augusto Pinochet is losing his grip on power. In one of the city's many poor neighborhoods works the Queen of the Corner, a hopeless and lonely romantic who embroiders linens for the wealthy and listens to boleros to drown out the gunshots and rioting in the streets. Along comes Carlos, a young, handsome man who befriends the aging homosexual and uses his house to store mysterious boxes and hold clandestine meetings. My Tender Matador is an extraordinary novel of revolution and forbidden love, and a stirring portrait of Chile at an historical crossroads.

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Challenge: Read Around South America Challenge
Country: Chile flag Chile
Language: EN
Genre: Historical fiction Political
Recommended: 24 Jan 2023

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