No Ordinary Girl

by Cheryl Elaine

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No Ordinary Girl


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(5 years ago)
28 Jan, 2018
"I realised that I wasn’t in a room at all, but some sort of metal container. From the muffled sobs and sniffles, and counting the different sets of eyes, I figured there were at least seven others in there with me."

Aimee wanted to celebrate her acceptance of her new dream job with her best friend, but they had no idea that the night and the days following would be a nightmare that they would never forget. After being tortured and raped by the gamekeepers who provide human prey for sadistic serial killers paying lots of money to hunt and torture victims, she finds the strength to kill one of her captors and call the police. However, she hides from the police and plans her revenge for the monsters who did this to her and to the other victims. Will she ever be satisfied in playing this macabre game of revenge?

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Challenge: Read Around Europe Challenge
Country: United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Language: EN
Genre: Horror Thriller
Recommended: 28 Jan 2018

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