Pierced by the Sun

by Laura Esquivel

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Pierced by the Sun

Lupita's hard-knock life has gotten the better of her time and time again. A childhood robbed of innocence set off a chain of events that she still has not managed to control, no matter how hard she tries. Every time she thinks she has a handle on things, unexpected turns make her question everything, including herself. When Lupita witnesses the murder of a local politician whom she greatly admires, the ghosts of her past resurface as she tries to cope with the present. She quickly falls back into her old self-destructive habits and becomes a target of Mexico's corrupt political machine. As the powers that be kick into high gear to ensure the truth remains hidden, Lupita finds solace in the purity of indigenous traditions. While she learns how to live simply, like her ancestors, she comes to understand herself and rediscovers light within a dark life. And if there is hope for Lupita's redemption, perhaps there is hope for Mexico.


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(6 years ago)
10 Feb, 2018
Lupita has lived a hard life full of tragedy: abuse, rape, the death of a child. And she deals with it while trying her best to be a functioning alcoholic and (not so) occasional drug user. Her coping has been working on and off for her until a politician she's charged with protecting as a policewoman is murdered in front of a group of people with no real leads as to the murderer.

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