Quiet Screams to the Quiet Healer : A Child's Perspective of Domestic Violence Using it as a Weapon to Heal People Through a Journey of Mystery and Riddles

by Nilanjana Haldar

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Quiet Screams to the Quiet Healer

A CHILD DISCOVERS THE SECRET OF USING HER UNACKNOWLEDGED PAIN TO HAUL YOUTHS FROM THEIR AGONY OF WITNESSING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AT HOME. BUT THAT JOURNEY IS LOADED WITH MYSTERY! Domestic Abuse.....Magic.....Supernatural....Romance......Mysterious encounters....the book has it all! Being raised in a home of domestic abuse, Sanjana frequently escapes from her home until she is forced to part from her childhood friend and the city where she was born. Right before she leaves, she makes a strange discovery in her hometown--a couple of bandit-looking men confuse her imagination in the middle of an abandoned stadium. Besides, leaving the city completely erased off her mind how a rain-water streaked letter she had picked outside the town library once, back in her old city, had a massive significance in the series of mysterious encounters and visions which she would come to pass by in her college years. The mysteries intensify right around the time she is close to launching her secret plan to provide support to youths who are forced to watch domestic abuse at home. No matter how much meaning she tried placing on the mysterious encounters, each of them pointed towards one particular word--Tragedy! What will she find out? Will the families she will reach out to push her away or seek her help? Read the book and find out! "I applaud Nilanjana for having the courage to branch out and showcase her work in her debut e-book.It was such a journey as a reader because it highlights the silence of abuse. The societal acceptance of forced marriages through beatings. The blue light signifying freedom, liberation, rebellion from the cocoon, and most importantly choice for salvation."--Donna Hines, NPD & DV Advocate & Volunteer, Motivational Speaker

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