The She-Devil in the mirror

by Horacio Castellanos Moya

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Tags: Set in EL SALVADOR Male author

The She-Devil in the mirror


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(1 year ago)
19 Nov, 2022
Laura Rivera can't believe what has happened. Her best friend has been killed in cold blood in the living room of her home, in front of her two young daughters. Nobody knows who pulled the trigger, but Laura will not rest easy until she finds out. Her delirious, hilarious and blood-curdling monologue carries the reader on a rough-and-tumble ride through the social, political, economic and sexual chaos of post-civil-war San Salvador. Shortlisted for the prestigious Premio Romulo Gallegos for novels in 2001.

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Challenge: Read Around North America Challenge
Country: El Salvador flag El Salvador
Language: EN
Genre: Adult

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