The Wayward Sisters

by Kate Hodges

Rating: 3 (1 vote)

Tags: Set in United Kingdom Female author

The Wayward Sisters

Something wicked this way comes... 'This Gothic feminist mystery is just magic' Heat 'For fans of eerie Gothic mystery, The Wayward Sisters has it all' The Upcoming Inverness, 1769. On a freezing winter's night, astronomer Nancy Lockaby arrives at Blackthistle House, home to renowned Shakespeare scholar Caleb Malles, to assist him in his research. She hopes to forget all that has happened to her in London. Nancy initially finds herself captivated by Caleb's eccentric mind and deep passion for Macbeth. So, when she is warned by three mysterious women that Caleb is keeping secrets from her, she is dismissive - after all, the women also claim to have lived many centuries and possess powers that defy any logical reasoning. Yet, as Caleb's behaviour becomes more erratic, she begins to suspect that she has walked into a trap. Offering a fresh, feminist perspective on literature's most infamous trio, The Wayward Sisters is an enthralling, intricately woven story of friendship, intrigue and magic.

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