The Yacoubian Building

by Alaa Al Aswany

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The Yacoubian Building

"Some live in squalor on its rooftop, others inhabit the faded glory of its apartments and offices - here a womanizing aristocrat, there the secretly gay editor of Le Caire newspaper. Religious fervour jostles with promiscuity; bridery and exploitation with joy and elation; modern life with ancient culture. Taha, the son of the building's doorman, has aspirations and dreams for himself and his childhood sweetheart Busayna. But when those dreams are dashed on the rocks of corruption, hope turns to bitterness - with devasting consequences..." -- back cover.


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(5 years ago)
17 May, 2018
The inhabitants of the building vary from those living on the roof in squalor to those in the luxurious but now faded apartments. They all have a story.
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(1 year ago)
19 Sep, 2022
It’s that sort of book that is boring while you read it, but then, once it’s done, you think “ah, that was actually alright”. Fairly predictable in terms of the bigger plot events, but the interest was in the details of how it happened and came to be. I can’t exactly call it “heartwarming” because it’s a little crude and miserable, but it’s a good portrayal of the nature of life and humans being human with a backdrop of corruption and religious beliefs. Some of the dozens of names could’ve been cut out though, on the last 50 pages I was still checking my cheat-sheet to see who was who. Edit: Two years after reading this book, I remember it quite fondly.

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