We Are The Water People

by Troy Onyango

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Tags: Set in Kenya Male author

We Are The Water People


Read Around The World Challenge user profile avatar for Michele
(1 year ago)
10 Jan, 2023
From critically acclaimed author Troy Onyango comes a dark, suspenseful tale of spirits bearing witness to a crime that rocks an island community, based in the Luo legend of the water people. When fishermen on Nam Lolwe (commonly known as Lake Victoria) return with the body of a young boy found inside the sack, a close-knit island is thrown into mourning, and they all suspect foul play in the death of the child. But who could have committed such a terrible crime, and why? To discover the truth, the islanders must rely on the water spirits beneath the lake’s surface—the only souls who serve as witnesses to the vile act.
Read Around The World Challenge user profile avatar for Nell Benton
(4 months ago)
19 Feb, 2024
This story is so well told I had to remind myself to breathe. The parson’s point of view doesn’t come from himself, but is assumed on the part of others. His history is that as an 15 year old boy he was abandoned by missionaries and expected to lead. The shunned “night women” have histories and knowledge but are also in limited circumstances. I look forward to hearing how people of other cultures and ages take this magnificent tale. I am an old white lady myself.

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