Books by Orhan Pamuk (5)

A Strangeness in My Mind

A strangeness in my mind by Orhan Pamuk EN

Rating: 5     2 Votes
Country: Asia / Turkey flag Turkey
At a family wedding Mevlut catches sight of a girl with whom he falls in love. After a secret courtship of letters passed via his cousin, she agrees to elope with him, and on a dark night the two come together for the first time. As they rush to catch a train to Istanbul, Mevlut realises he has been misled. But the die is cast, and the situation will determine the rest of his days. Over the next four decades in Istanbul, Mevlut works various jobs to support his loving wife and family; work that gives him a special perspective on his rapidly changing city and the people who live there. And ever... continue
Recommended: 02 Jan 2023


My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk EN

Rating: 3.5     65 Votes
Country: Asia / Turkey flag Turkey
** PRE-ORDER NIGHTS OF PLAGUE, THE NEW NOVEL FROM ORHAN PAMUK ** Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Award 'Wonderful' The Spectator 'Magnificent' Observer 'Sumptuous' New Yorker 'Unforgettable' Guardian My Name is Red is an unforgettable murder mystery, set amid the splendour of sixteenth century Istanbul, from the Nobel prizewinning author In the late 1590s, the Sultan secretly commissions a great book: a celebration of his life and his empire, to be illuminated by the best artists of the day - in the European manner. At a time of violent fundame... continue
Recommended: 07 Sep 2022


Schnee by Orhan Pamuk DE

Rating: 3     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Turkey flag Turkey
Recommended: 02 Sep 2023


Snow by Orhan Pamuk EN

Rating: 5     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Turkey flag Turkey
NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Touching, slyly comic, and humming with cerebral suspense—a masterful novel of "political intrigue and philosophy, romance and noir" (Vogue) and the lethal chemistry between secular doubt and Islamic fanaticism from the Nobel Prize winner. An exiled poet named Ka returns to Turkey and travels to the forlorn city of Kars. His ostensible purpose is to report on a wave of suicides among religious girls forbidden to wear their head-scarves. But Ka is also drawn by his memories of the radiant Ipek, now recently divorced. Amid blanketing snowfall and universal suspicion, Ka fin... continue
Recommended: 09 Apr 2022


The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk EN

Rating: 4     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Turkey flag Turkey
Winner of the 1990 Independent Award for foreign fiction, this book tells the story of a young Italian scholar who is captured by pirates. Put up for auction at the Istanbul slave market, he is bought by a Turkish servant, eager to learn about scientific and intellectual advances in the West.
Recommended: 30 Oct 2022

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