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Travel the world without leaving your chair. The target of the Read Around The World Challenge is to read at least one book written by an author from each and every country in the world. All books that are listed here as part of the "Read Around Europe Challenge" were written by authors from Lithuania. Find a great book for the next part of your reading journey around the world from this book list. The following popular books have been recommended so far.

Clar de femeie

Clar de femeie by Romain Gary RO

Rating: 1     1 Vote
Country: Europe / Lithuania flag Lithuania
Recommended: 23 Sep 2023


In the Shadow of Wolves by Alvydas Šlepikas EN

Rating: 3.5     10 Votes
Country: Europe / Lithuania flag Lithuania
A Times Book of the Year, 2019 THE SECOND WORLD WAR IS OVER. BUT THE WORLD IS FAR FROM SAFE. As victorious Russian troops sweep across East Prussia, a group of desperate children face a new battle. Confronted by critical food shortages and the onset of a bitterly cold winter, these 'wolf children' secretly cross the border into Lithuania in search of work or food to take back to their starving families. In a world still reeling from the devastation of war, the children must risk everything to survive. In the Shadow of Wolves is a story of resilience, devastation and, ultimately, hope. Based on... continue
Recommended: 06 Mar 2022


Those Whom I Would Like to Meet Again by Giedra Radvilaviciute EN

0 Ratings
Country: Europe / Lithuania flag Lithuania
Ten stories on the border of fiction and essay, in which the experiences of life “are unrecognizably transformed, like the flour, eggs, nuts, and apples in a cake.” In ten of her best essay-stories, Giedra Radvilavičiute travels between the ridiculous and the sublime, the everyday and the extraordinary. In the place of plot, which the author claims to have had “shot and buried with the proper honors,” the reader finds a dense, subtly interwoven structure of memory and reality, banalities and fantasy, all served up with a good dollop of absurdity and humor. We travel from the old town of Vilniu... continue
Recommended: 29 Aug 2023


Vilnius Poker by Ričardas Gavelis, Elizabeth Novickas EN

Rating: 2.5     2 Votes
Country: Europe / Lithuania flag Lithuania
four different perspectives, and it captures the surreal horror of life under the Soviet yoke." --Book Jacket.
Recommended: 20 Feb 2022

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