Political genre books (5)


Mama Hissa's Mice by Saud Alsanousi EN

0 Ratings
Country: Asia / Kuwait flag Kuwait
Recommended: 07 Mar 2022


Riot Days by Maria Alyokhina EN

Rating: 4     12 Votes
Country: Europe / Russia flag Russia
A Pussy Rioter’s riveting, hallucinatory account of her years in Russia’s criminal system and of finding power in the most powerless of situations In February 2012, after smuggling an electric guitar into Moscow’s iconic central cathedral, Maria Alyokhina and other members of the radical collective Pussy Riot performed a provocative “Punk Prayer,” taking on the Orthodox church and its support for Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime. For this, they were charged with “organized hooliganism” and were tried while confined in a cage and guarded by Rottweilers. That trial and Alyokhina’s subsequen... continue
Recommended: 11 Sep 2022


The Hidden Face of Eve : Women in the Arab World by Nawal El Saadawi, Nawāl Saʻdāwī EN

Rating: 4.5     3 Votes
Country: Africa / Egypt flag Egypt
This powerful account of the oppression of women in the Muslim world remains as shocking today as when it was first published, more than a quarter of a century ago. Nawal El Saadawi writes out of a powerful sense of the violence and injustice which permeated her society. Her experiences working as a doctor in villages around Egypt, witnessing prostitution, honour killings and sexual abuse, including female circumcision, drove her to give voice to this suffering. She goes on explore the causes of the situation through a discussion of the historical role of Arab women in religion and literature.... continue
Recommended: 07 Sep 2022


The Quiet Ones by Glenn Diaz EN

0 Ratings
Country: Asia / Philippines flag Philippines
During a regular shift at the call center, Alvin Estrada discovers a way to embezzle money from the American telecom giant for which he mans the phones. Soon a couple of friends join in, and the operation proceeds smoothly up until they quit, vowing to take the secret to their graves. A month later, a phone call at 4 in the morning tells Alvin that the police are on their way. At once a workplace novel and a meditation on history and globalization, The Quiet Ones is a grimly humorous take on a soul-sapping, multi-billion-dollar industry. In interlocking narratives, it explores lives rendered m... continue
Recommended: 19 Sep 2022


The Republic by Plato EN

0 Ratings
Country: Europe / Greece flag Greece
Recommended: 06 Mar 2022

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