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The Pearl Thief by Noor Al Noaimi EN

Rating: 3 (1 vote)
Country: Asia / Bahrain flag Bahrain
This is a lovely little short story about Hassan, a poor Bahraini islander, who finds himself in desperate circumstances. Driven by the need to take care of his aging parents, he embarks on the unthinkable; a pearl diving quest... when he can't even swim! But can Hassan be more than he is? Can he leave his world of poverty and being looked-down upon, to finally be someone in life and provide for his family? Or will he always be a poor man's son, destined to a life of destitution and struggle?


Yummah by Sarah A. Al Shafei EN

0 Ratings
Country: Asia / Bahrain flag Bahrain
Khadeeja is a child who is forced into womanhood early. She is compelled to marry a man much older than she through arranged marriage and lives a world of hardships from then on. Her mother dies soon after her wedding, leaving her with a husband she hardly knows and two brothers she knows nothing of. Khadeeja learns to love her husband and win his love in return, but just as she thought her life was a beautiful love story her precious son dies from a scorpion bite. Grief and sadness become her new best friends. Her husband, whom she can't live without, abandons her without warning and she is l... continue