Books set in Lebanon (5)

An Unnecessary Woman

An Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine EN

Rating: 4     41 Votes
Country: Asia / Lebanon flag Lebanon
An obsessive introvert in Beirut, eschewed by her family and neighbors for her divorced status and lack of religious reverence, quietly translates favorite books into Arabic while struggling with her aging body until an unthinkable disaster threatens what little life remains to her. By the best-selling author of The Hakawati. 20,000 first printing.
Recommended: 20 Dec 2022


Beirut by Samir Kassir EN

Rating: 5     3 Votes
Country: Asia / Lebanon flag Lebanon
Beirut is a tour de force that takes the reader from the ancient to the modern world, offering a dazzling panorama of the city's Seleucid, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and French incarnations. Kassir vividly describes Beirut's spectacular growth in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, concentrating on its emergence after the Second World War as a cosmopolitan capital until its near destruction during the devastating Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. --from publisher description.
Recommended: 06 Jan 2023


House of Stone : A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East by Anthony Shadid EN

Rating: 4     5 Votes
Country: Asia / Lebanon flag Lebanon
A journalist traces the story of his family's effort to rebuild an ancestral home in Lebanon amid political strife and how the work enabled a greater understanding of the emotions behind Middle East turbulence.

The Arsonists' City

The Arsonists' City by Hala Alyan EN

Rating: 5     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Palestine flag Palestine
Recommended: 29 Mar 2023

The Broken Wings

The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran EN

0 Ratings
Country: Asia / Lebanon flag Lebanon
This is the exquisitely tender story of love that beats desperately against the taboos of Oriental tradition. With great sensitivity, Gibran describes his passion as a youth for Selma Karamy, the girl of Beirut who first unfolded to him the secrets of love. But it is a love that is doomed by a social convention which forces Selma into marriage with another man. Portraying the happiness and infinite sorrow of his relationship with Selma, Gibran at the same time probes the spiritual meaning of human existence with profound compassion.
Recommended: 16 Apr 2023

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