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Born of the Sun : A Namibian Novel by Joseph Diescho EN

Rating: 3 (1 vote)
Country: Africa / Namibia flag Namibia
This is the revealing story of a dispossessed black majority forced to work in the gold and diamond mines of Namibia and South Africa. (Back cover).


El Buen doctor by Damon Galgut ES

Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Frank Eloff trabaja, desde hace siete años, como médico un hospital semiabandonado, en un pueblo fantasma, en un lugar remoto del país. Allí eligió esconderse después de una dolorosa separación. En el hospital trabaja y convive desde su llegada con los mismos compañeros, en un clima de desidia y resignación en el cual no se siente incómodo. Pero un día llega un joven médico, Laurence Waters, y provocará el efecto de una piedra que cae en el agua serena, e inicia un proceso de consecuencias imprevisible... continue


I Am Not Your Slave : A Memoir by Tupa Tjipombo, Chris Lockhart EN

0 Ratings
Country: Africa / Namibia flag Namibia
I am Not Your Slave is the shocking true story of a young African girl, Tupa, who was abducted from southwestern Africa and funneled through an extensive yet almost completely unknown human trafficking network spanning the entire African continent. As she is transported from the point of her abduction on a remote farm near the Namibian-Angolan border and channeled to her ultimate destination in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, her three-year odyssey exposes the brutal horrors of a modern day middle passage. During her ordeal, Tupa encounters members of Africa's notorious gangs, terrifying wi... continue


The Purple Violet of Oshaantu by Neshani Andreas EN

Rating: 4 (2 votes)
Country: Africa / Namibia flag Namibia
Mee Ali has good reason to be thankful; she has a happy marriage. For some in her village, marriage turns out to be a loveless entrapment.