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Frustrated with the progress of her application to join the St Vincent and the Grenadines detectives, Cassie Providence resigns from the police force and sets up as a private investigator. This collection features her first six cases: the disappearance of a young woman after work one Friday; the robbery of an Arts Centre; the theft of a cutlery set by two warring sisters; the murder of a businessman after a dance; the blackmail of a headmaster; a wife being abused by her van driver husband. Tenacious, funny and impulsive, Cassie P is a Caribbean woman readers will take to their heart. Written ... continue


Riff : The Shake Keane Story by Philip Nanton EN

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Riff explores the turbulent life of the musician and poet Shake Keane who migrated from St Vincent to London in the 1950s where became a significant figure on the free form jazz scene and innovative poet. He returned home before moving to New York City. This biography reveals the many features of this trend-setting but troubled Caribbean icon.


The Moon Is Following Me by Cecil Browne EN

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This collection of short stories recalls an era when the village was the centre of life in the Caribbean island of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Nostalgic, but not sentimental, these stories are based on real events and relate the experiences of a range of characters striving to make a name for themselves; they are people in search of a larger stage.The title story, The Moon is Following Me, paints a picture of school life as it was in the seventies. It features a headmaster who is fond of rum and a teacher who works for half a day only, but it is essentially a story of young love and hope. T... continue