Read Around The World Challenge

Here is the top 10 list of the Read Around The World Challenge participants who have recommended the most books from around the world to the challenge. A huge thank you to them. Check out the books they have recommended by clicking on the links.
  1. avatar Pedro Casserly (540 books)
  2. avatar Godelewa (131 books)
  3. oriana-n (130 books)
  4. Kate Cunningham (115 books)
  5. Johanna Wright (113 books)
  6. Yan Loureiro (94 books)
  7. Ann Christin Berg (94 books)
  8. Yair Leshem (81 books)
  9. Natalia Machado Machado (75 books)
  10. avatar jo-anne.king (63 books)