Read Around The World Challenge

Here is the top 10 list of the Read Around The World Challenge participants who have submitted the most ratings of books they read for the world reading challenge. Their book ratings should make it easier for you to choose your next book. Check out their ratings of books by clicking on the links.
  1. avatar Pedro Casserly (504 ratings)
  2. avatar AbbyGG100 (272 ratings)
  3. avatar Godelewa (178 ratings)
  4. oriana-n (133 ratings)
  5. Michele Ardente (113 ratings)
  6. Alison Sawatzky (104 ratings)
  7. avatar Megan Moore (104 ratings)
  8. jj1 (97 ratings)
  9. VĂ­vian Carvalho (88 ratings)
  10. Zafar Shamsi (85 ratings)