Read Around The World Challenge Round Logo


  1. Read Around The World Challenge participants are readers on a mission to read the world country by country.
  2. Supporting authors from any part of the world, especially those from less known countries with smaller marketing budgets, marketing skills and reach.
  3. The reading challenge is open to every reader from any where. Fast or slow reader? It doesn't matter.
  4. Books shall be listed based on the author's country of birth. Not the place where the story is set or where the author lives.
  5. We support talent wherever it appears. Location does not matter. Leaving our comfort zones helps us to discover new things.
  6. We read. We support. We get new perspectives. We grow. Together.
  7. Read Around The World Challenge is for all, supports all and teaches all.
  8. Read at least one book written by an author from each country in the World.
  9. The best time to start reading around the world was yesterday, but it's never too late.